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International Council of Museums

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) is an international organization of museums and professionals committed to the conservation, continuation and communication to society of the world’s natural and cultural heritage, present and future, tangible and intangible.

ICOM Canada is the voice of its members among the international museum community. The values shared by ICOM Canada members embrace the values of the International Council of Museums in its entirety.

Visit the ICOM Internaitonal website at at for more information.

ICOM Code of Ethics

The cornerstone of ICOM is the ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums. It sets minimum standards of professional practice and performance for museums and their staff. In joining the organisation, ICOM members undertake to abide by this Code.

View our current edition here.

ICOM Canada Videos

Watch the videos on the ICOM Canada YouTube channel.

A conversation with Catherine C. Cole, Museum Consultant, and Secretary General of the Commonwealth Association of Museums (CAM). Catherine will share her perspective on CAM’s evolving role within the landscape of international museum networks and will discuss some of CAM’s initiatives.

View the full video here.

France Desmarais, Director of Programmes and Partnerships, ICOM – International Council of Museums, Paris, speaks about “The Role of Museums in Protecting Heritage at Risk”.

France Desmarais’ work concerns emergency preparedness and response for museums, the development of training programmes for museum professionals, and ICOM’s international fight against illicit traffic in cultural goods, which includes the Red Lists of Cultural Objects at Risk.

View the full video here.

FESTI’O’MUSE tire ses origines de rencontres entre les deux cofondatrices, Christine Gaudet et Noémie La Rue Lapierre, et plus largement des étudiant-e-s des programmes de muséologie au cours de l’année 2013.

View the full video here.

Joignez-vous à nous le 28 octobre prochain à midi HNE pour notre prochaine présentation Google Hangout en ondes. Nous bavarderons avec Ana-Laura Baz, chargée de projets numériques au Musée de la civilisation de Québec, organisatrice de Museomix Québec 2013 et coach pour les organisations des Museomix 2014 et 2015.

View the full video here.

A chat with Dr. Robert Janes, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Museum Management and Curatorship, Fellow of the Canadian Museums Association and past President and CEO of the Glenbow Museum in Calgary. Dr. Janes talks about about his most recent work encouraging museums to take a stance on larger issues relating to their collections and communities.

View the full video here.