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Our Mission

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) is an international organization of museums and professionals committed to the conservation, continuation and communication to society of the world’s natural and cultural heritage, present and future, tangible and intangible.

ICOM Canada is the voice of its members among the international museum community. The values shared by ICOM Canada members embrace the values of the International Council of Museums in its entirety.

  • ICOM values human creativity and its contribution to understanding the past, shaping the present and mapping the future.
  • ICOM believes heritage has a humanistic value.
  • ICOM values global dialogue based on intellectual, cultural and social diversity.
  • ICOM values transparent dialogue including cross-cultural understanding of human rights.
  • ICOM recognizes museums’ responsibility to society through their engagement with public issues of social change.

As the National Committee for ICOM in Canada, ICOM Canada exists:

  • To further the primary objectives of ICOM as the international body representing museums to the Canadian public
  • To collaborate in the research, study and exchange of ideas in the field of museology with other organizations whose aims are similar to those of ICOM, and especially with UNESCO
  • To encourage the participation of Canadian museums and of all Canadian museum professionals in the research, protection, conservation, interpretation and circulation of museum collections
  • To act within Canada as an advisor on and a reference centre for international information that may be of interest to Canadian museums and the Canadian public
  • To increase the awareness of the Canadian public about the existence of museums in Canada and to further the understanding of their role in culture and society
  • To foster co-operation, mutual assistance and the exchange of information among its members


Elka Weinstein, Ph.D.
Museum Advisor,  Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport
Toronto, ON


Sascha Priewe, Ph. D
Director of Collections & Public Programs

Aga Khan Museum
Toronto, ON

Jean-François Gauvin
Professeur agrégé
Lettres et sciences humaines – Département des sciences historiques
Université Laval


Rodney Chaisson
Manager, Site Maintenance

Nova Scotia Museum
Halifax, NS

Richard Laurin
Collections Manager
Manitoba Indigenous Cultural Education Centre (MICEC)


Antonio Machado
Architect, Exhibit Designer, Curator, and Professor
The Cube Art & Framing, ICAI Calgary
Calgary, AB

  Catherine C. Cole
Director of Planning, Inuit Heritage Trust, and Principal Consultant, Catherine C. Cole and Associates
Edmonton, AB

Nishi Bassi
Exhibitions Manager and Curator

Bata Shoe Museum
Toronto, ON

Our Partners

Reactor‘s illustration oriented design studio creates everything from brand identities, ad campaigns, web sites and consumer goods packaging to mural and public art installations. Reactor represents over 30 internationally renowned illustrators whose work is commissioned by ad agencies, design companies and publishers of magazines, books, newspapers and web sites throughout North America.
Young Associates looks to create meaningful, progressive partnerships with our customers. They deliver technical expertise and advisory services to support the operational effectiveness of nonprofit and charitable organizations who make our community a better place.


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Annual financial statements and documents are available to ICOM Canada members upon request. Please email icomcanada@gmail.com for access.